Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Martial Arts Ways To Survive A Mob Attack

I watch the idiot box, and it is plain that these mobsters in Libya and Egypt and places like that don't know any martial arts techniques. I mean, I don't expect to see tournament fighting, or an MMA takedown, but I don't see much of anything!

I don't see a fake move and quick step to the side. I don't see a block and strike...followed by a run in another direction. I don't even see a roll or break fall when some poor fool is thrown down on the street!

Now, there are three important items to remember when you get caught in a mob attack. If you follow these three advices you will survive the incident. The three things are easy to remember, and easy to put into action.

First, you don't want to go near a mob. When you see a bunch of people yelling and making threatening actions, find another avenue and make your way out of that part of town. At worst, and this is going to crack you up, do some yelling and shouting with them, face in the same direction, and back slowly up!

I'm not pulling your leg! If you act like you are part of them, and simply move in the direction you choose, without appearing to be running away, the mob won't notice you! This is one of those slap your head dumb things that people don't consider, but really works.

Second, don't go near whatever military bunch is trying to run things. The truth is that they don't control much of anything...until they start using to deadly force! So when you hear loud noises, angry yells, and see smoke filling the street, beat feet the other way.

Now, in the case of the martial arts, remember, you are not trying to win a fight, you are trying to evade, so the best thing to do is use your feet to move sideways and parry. If you find you are moving towards someone, and they react, move in another direction. What you want to do is move so that people get in between you and that other person, because they will start fighting each other, and while they are beating on each other you can make your escape.

Look, it's nice to talk about the one punch technique, and the man to man duel, but being in a mob is chaos, and there is often no point to the chaos. So, use your martial arts concepts to stay cool, avoid people and evade confrontations, and escape the situation. That's the best way to stay alive, in even the worst of circumstances.

The finest martial arts techniques I know to evade, avoid and escape, are found in Pa Kua Chang Kung Fu. Aikido is also quite excellent. You can find home study courses in those arts by going to Monster Martial Arts.

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